Weekly outline

  • General

    1. This page has information shared by all technology and materials processing classes.
    2. You must pass the general safety exam with 100% before you can work in the shop.
    3. You may take the test until you pass.
    4. This test is evidence that you have received and understand how to behave in the shop.
    5. If you feel that you cannot abide by these rules, remember that these are elective classes and you do not have to be here.
  • 29 October - 4 November

    General Safety

    Most accidents are preventable. Many "accidents" are not really accidents. If you do not wear your seat belt, drive drunk at 75 mph on an twisty, icy road, lose control, hit a tree, crash and die because you get thrown through the windshield, you did not die in a accident. You died due to your bad decisions and disregard for the driver safety education you have had.

    If you are in one of our lab classes, you are taught safe behavior, procedures and techniques. If you ignore what you have been taught and you or someone else gets hurt is it not an accident.
  • 5 November - 11 November


  • 12 November - 18 November


  • 19 November - 25 November

    • 26 November - 2 December

      • 3 December - 9 December

        • 10 December - 16 December

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            • 24 December - 30 December

              • 31 December - 6 January